The most beautiful concert.
Today, December 25, 2014.
I held the Concerto most important, beautiful and exciting of my life (the only one who could match him was when I started to sing after one of the surgery that I have suffered in 2008).
A concert, in a hospital room. My beloved patient, that I went to visit, hoping to bring a bit of joy and optimism, asked me to sing. Sing to him and to all who were in that room, struggling between life and death. From the bottom of my heart has raised a song that always for me is a prayer: Casta Diva. My voice was in contact with something so deep as to be indescribable. I felt really just a tool “played” by a higher power, in a perfect symbiosis between my soul, the soul of my beloved patient, and all that was around us and within us. Music and singing have a mysterious power and healing that continues to be perpetuated every time someone wants to listen to a voice ready to sing with all my heart. . This is for me the miracle of Canto. This is the most real and most profound of our study and our research. No career in the most important theaters in the world, no success, no applause would never give me the emotions I felt today. All that is really important in life is far from the crowd. Intimacy and suffering, the daily courage and inner strength, in our ability to give ourselves completely and unreservedly to those who need it … this is the meaning of life. And in bringing harmony and beauty when we can, where we can, without asking anything in return, if not a smile. Only for Love. And all this does not need visibility because it is by its nature, invisible. Thank You. An incredible Christmas. The best gift.
Thank you my beloved Mario.
Maria Grazia